Research Interest

  Creating functional materials, of which the macroscopic properties are precisely controlled at molecular level, has been regarded as an ultimate goal in organic chemistry, materials science, and even biological science. Although extensive efforts have been devoted to this aim from both bottom-up and top-down approaches, there still remain fundamental issues to correlate molecular dynamics (Å–nm scale) and meso–macroscopic transitions (nm–mm scale). The difficulties to understand and control molecular dynamics in the bulk states may result from the random and simultaneous fluctuation of several parameters such as “molecular motion” and “intermolecular interactions”. In this context, I will direct my attention to construct hierarchical molecular assembly in which the molecular motion and/or electronic state can be well defined with oriented intermolecular interactions.

    To approach the above issues, my efforts have been devoted to the design of novel π-systems (see Publication), with an emphasis on organic synthesis, materials chemistry, and physical chemistry, particularly electron-transfer chemistry and photodynamics. I also have a background in organic semiconducting materials that have potential applications for organic transistors and photovoltaic cells.